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Maple Pepper® Brand Seasoning is a proprietary blend of all natural, gluten free ingredients, including 100% pure maple sugar and black pepper. Our seasoning adds an exciting taste sensation to many of your favorite foods including sauces, soups, meats, poultry, fish and vegetables. Maple Pepper® is available in three flavors: original, garlic, and habanero. If you’re looking for a way to excite your taste buds, get yourself some Maple Pepper® today and get cooking! Maple Pepper®, pure and simple, the way food, and life, should be!

I cannot eat corn on the cob without Maple Pepper®!
Greg Brown

Are you interested in wholesale purchasing for your store or restaurant?

Wholesale iconOur Maple Pepper® Brand Seasonings may be found on the tables and in the recipes of many fine restaurants around the country. They are also available in select gourmet shops, gift shops, and other locations where fine specialty foods are sold. Please Contact us for more information.

We are also proud to offer private labeling. Contact us for more info.

Proudly made in Maine

Get Real, Get Maine!We made our first batch of Maple Pepper® in our country kitchen in Northern New England over 20 years ago. We use only the finest natural ingredients, combining the age-old flavor of maple sugar, the zest of black pepper, and ocean fresh sea salt to bring you a deliciously versatile seasoning.

Our seasonings are pure and simple. Try them once and you'll be coming back for more. Learn more about us.

Yummmm! Maple Pepper® Popcorn

Well, for the moment, it is NOT snowing here on the Maine coast. It is pretty amazing how much snow we have had this winter. Though some may complain (and how far will that get you as you really can’t do a thing about the weather), we personally LOVE it. Winter sports are one of our favorite past times, plus the views in the back field are lovely with the white on the ground and weighing down the tree bows. We just feel for the deer and other wildlife foraging for food.

Now, onto popcorn. On these cold ...

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